Saturday, August 22, 2009

m back !!!!

when i thght of starting my blog again, i couldnt think of any suitable topic to write on or comment on....then thght why not put some cool pics on....i have always wanted to try my hand on photography, so this could be m starting wid this pic...i liked wht was written on this shirt, so clicked it :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Mah Stinkin English Teacher ! "

Every time he looks at me
Its almost like he sees
Someone so stupid, way below his standards
And why on earth am I in his class he always wonders
A waste of space, that's what he thinks I am
Just because this once I scored less than Siyam (she's a gal, by the way).

He's been teaching us forever
And still doesn't know my name
I try so hard to get me noticed
But he treats me like scum all the same.

It's not just me he picks on
He called my best friend invisible
He doesn't know he's being rude
He needs to seriously sort out his attitude.

So, there I've decided; he just hates me and always will
And its obvious he puts up with me just to pay the bills
And don't even get me started
On the fact that he's definitely retarded
It's now official, the one thing I hate more than English
Mah Stinkin English Teacher !!!!

( A tragically brilliant poem written by my greatly magnificent (putting in her own words) sister Astha Adhikari......)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here comes Firefox 3 !!!!

i have been a fan of firefox ever since i started using it. so when they came up with the latest version of firefox, i was pretty excited to try it. mozilla firefox has made so many ppl its fans, in fact it made a record for the fastest downloaded software in 24 hrs.

firefox 3 has some really cool features. one feature that i particularly liked was the ’save and quit’ feature.u no longer have to reopen all the tabs and windows when u start a new session. this is only one of the many cool features of this latest browser. u’ll have to try it urself to believe it. with so many add-ons to try, firefox 3 is a complete web browser. so happy browsing…….

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

back to blogging...

its been quite a while since i blogged...don't really have a reason for not blogging- sometimes it was becoz i was bg, sometimes it was becoz i wouldnt come up with anything to blog abt, other times i was just too lazy to blog...whatever the reason, my blogspot was here i m..back..back blogging...

still today i have no particular topic i wanna write abt or anything..just jotting down whtever comes into my mind...n by the way my blog is going, u guys can pretty much say there's nothing much in my mind rite before my blog becomes a jumbled up maze of repeated words n sentences, i think i should stop now n write another blog soon when i have a topic in mind.. :D anyways, feels gud to be back blogging...cheers

Thursday, September 13, 2007

'Women in ICT' web portal launched

There is a gr8 news for people who have been involved in 'Women in ICT' project since its inception. The web portal, highlighting the concept, community members, their activities etc. have finally been launched.

Follow the link to chk out this initiation.

Cheers ;-)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Personalized google search page

Recently, when I visited a fren of mine, I saw that instead of the regular Google text when we visit, he had his name instead. Was quite fascinated and asked him how I could do it. Its pretty easy too. And now I have my personal Google search page too. Chk out the link to see the page.

If any of you guy's interested, here's how you can do it:
  1. type the url you'll be redirected to the page
  2. type any text you want to display and choose the color and text style
  3. then click on 'Create My Search Engine' and bingo, you have your own search engine. you can even make it your homepage (as i have done with mine).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Strange London

Before I came to London, I had imagined it quite like shown in the Bollywood movies, with tall buildings, great sceneries n all. But, when I finally came here, things were quite different. Not tht the reality was shocking. London is a beautiful city. But, except for a few commercial places, rest of London (and in fact outside London too) is like a town. Houses are all the same wherever you go. So, tht is pretty confusing coz you can't distinguish one place from another. Also, I came across a number of things that i found as strange (coz these things don't happen in Nepal):

  1. Vehicles have number plates in 2 colors. Its white in the front of the vehicle and yellow behind. (I remember my fren n I discussing abt his uncle's car number plate color. He said tht it was white and I was sure tht it was yellow. As it turned out, we were both rite.)
  2. Here, people don't blow horns of their vehicles. Since coming here, I have only heard horn blowing once, n tht was quite new to my ears. Otherwise, no one blows horns, even when the vehicles' rite behind you.
  3. Pedestrians are kings here. While crossing roads, pedestrians get first priority.

As I come across more interesting things here, will keep on updating my blog. Till then, get to know London a little more thru this post.

Latest addition:

  • In Chitwan, i remember people telling me not to go outside at nite coz you have rhinocerous running wild re. In London, its normal to see fox near your neighbourhood re. Saw one near where i live too. (Thought my fren was making a fool of me when he said tht it was a fox. Didnt believe him at first. hehe)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

A must read

when i was sent this report to read, i couldn't help but laugh loud coz this is so very silly n hilarious. i just couldn't imagine anjesh dai to be thinking something like this. n tht too when he was in grade eight. hehe.

we all thought tht this was one report tht people would luv to read. so a fren posted this letter in his blog n i decided to do the same. n not surprising, we did receive lots of comments on it.

many thought this showed symptoms of his becoming a serial killer. but, knowing him, i can only say tht he is a killer, but one who kills with his questions, not weapons. (all the guys who know him would agree with me on this). we all have been the victims of his endless questions.

if you are done reading this report then here's another one to compliment it. i read this report in anjesh dai's blog itself. he had uploaded this to counter our comments n prove tht he too has a gentle side to him (n even then when he was in grade eight). ;-)

these two reports show 2 sides of a person whom i know personally, a gr8 person and fun to be with, and with his trademark questions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coming to London

so i finally made it to london. till the last moment when i was outside the tribhuvan airport in ktm, coming to london was just like an illusion. when i was outside the airport with my family and my fren prakriti, i suddenly realized tht i was coming to london, for 2 yrs, n it was not an illusion but a fact. many asked me later if i felt like crying or felt sad and so on. but the fact is, i didnt feel anything. for the first time, i was going out of nepal. 3 of us were travelling together. so tht was some relief. so, abt tht feeling thing, didnt feel like crying or anythig, maybe coz everything was new in terms of surroundings n all. but tht doesnt mean tht i didnt miss anyone. missed everyone in ktm very very very much, my parents, sis n bro, frens, my office, juniors, seniors n all. aba chaheko belama kasailai bhetna paudina. so feels lonely when i think of tht.

anyways, now m finally in london. 1st day ma yahan aauda ta felt odd not seeing people walking on the roads. ktm ko jasto bhid bhad nai chaina. everyone's either working, in college, home or travelling by bus, tube or car. bato ta sabai khali khali. peak time ma chahi bhid huncha stations haru ma. aba ta used to bhaye. another thing abt london is its weather. so unpredictable. n pretty windy. udaula jasto hawa lagcha yahan. ek chin mai sunny weather ani ek chin mai pani parna thalcha. people here are used to this, but since we just came here, we find it a little too cold. ani london auda sabai le dal bhat ekdum miss huncha timilai bhanera bhanthe. tara yahan aauda po thaha bhayo tyasto haina bhanera. everyday dal bhat nai khayincha yahan. chicken is cheaper than green vegetables re. so chicken ta almost everyday or every alternate day jastai khayincha.

will be writing abt my experiences as my days passes here in london. ahile lagi yeti nai.

missing u all................